14. Dezember 2009

Es wird scho glei dumpa... and Lentil Loaf!

Happy Monday!

Wie ihr vielleicht bemerkt habt, haben alle meine Posts im Advent Weihnachtslieder-Titel. Ich liebe Weihnachtsmusik! Und heute ist eben "Es wird scho glei dumpa" (für alle Nicht-Ösis: Es wird gleich finster / dunkel) an der Reihe. M und ich gingen nämlich am Sonntag mit unserer Kamera durch die Stadt, machten einen auf Touristen und fingen die weihnachtliche, dämmrige Stimmung ein:

Weihnachtsbaum, der uns am Weg begegnete

Weihnachtsdekoration in der Innenstadt

For the end of this post, I'm going to switch the language, because I want to give a shout-out to Tofu Mom and her fabulous blog! I get hungry every time when I look at her delicious food. I was in the mood for some comfort food, and I really liked "Faschierten Braten" before I went vegetarian, so I tried her recipe for Lentil Loaf. You can find her recipe here. And this is my result:

The loaf in all its glory (well, a piece is already missing.. nomnomnom)

I added lots of herbs, as I couldn't find any seasoned bread crumbs - oregano, basil, and thyme went in there, as well as lots of sage. I also used two cans of lentils. Instead of the other vegetables (you can find all the ingredients in the original recipe), I added two grated carrots. It tasted so great!!! It was a little mushy on the inside, so I have to remember to add more bread crumbs the next time, as this will probably solve this issue - but the taste is nevertheless fantastic. Here's how we served our first slices of the lentil loaf:

With red cabbage and rosemary potatos - mhmmm!

The loaf is a really big portion just for the two us, but I had it in a sandwich today, with vegan mayonnaise, ketchup and some pickels, and I'm looking forward to eating more of these delicous sandwiches. So, go and make Tofu Mom's lentil loaf, I definitely recommend it!

That's it for today. I'm eating roasted chestnuts right now... mhm. Gotta love Christmas time!

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  1. Oh how exciting! I'm glad it turned out! It looks beautiful!! Thanks for the mention!!


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